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Sir Richard Branson's New Cruise Line Revealed

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Sir Richard Branson's New Cruise Line Revealed

Like he vowed to change the way we fly and even travel to space, this renowned, fun- and style-loving billionaire has also promised to fundamentally change the experience of cruise travel. 

Saying he hates even the word 'cruise', Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has finally unveiled the name of his new travel endeavor: Virgin Voyages.

"Audacious, romantic and always about you. It should never be just about getting from point A to point B. Virgin Voyages will be the place where irresistible style has finally found its sea legs." 

Well, sign us up!

Three Virgin Voyages Ships

Joined by the company’s President and CEO Tom McAlpin at a typically Branson glamorous event in Miami, they also announced that Virgin Voyages has officially signed a ship-building contract for three vessels.

Sir Richard is committed to changing cruising for good.

“Thousands of travelers and travel professionals shared their thoughts with us and tasked us with delivering the most irresistible vacation at sea and that our name alone should leave them dizzy with anticipation.”

"This is anything but just another cruise or holiday, it will be a transformational experience delivering a very ‘Virgin style’ of adventure,” said McAlpin.

Virgin Style, Virgin Lifestyle, and Innovative Clean Energy Too

Virgin Voyages is the first major cruise line to partner with Climeon, a clean energy innovator. Virgin will install Climeon Ocean, a system that transforms low-grade energy into clean electricity, on all three of its ships. The resulting environmental impact will be an estimated 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide savings annually per ship — an amount that would take 180,000 trees 30 years to absorb.

Hey, Sailor!

Virgin Voyages’ first ship will arrive at Port Miami in 2020, hosting more than 2,700 'sailors' (as a hint of the new, 'Virgin' way of cruise travel to come, that's what Virgin Voyages is calling cruise guests) and 1,150 'spirited' crew. For the first ship, Virgin Voyages will sail a range of Caribbean itineraries to ports that deliver 'unique and very social experiences'.

To us, that says 'party, party, party', and we picture a lot of bikinis and tongue in cheek sailor hats, but exactly how Virgin Voyages will turn cruise travel on its head we don't know yet.

If you're one of thousands of travelers the world over who has loved Virgin's uniquely stylish take on travel on Virgin Air, you only have about a thousand sleeps til Virgin Voyages launches. You can spend them dreaming how one of the world's most exuberant and visionary entrepreneurs will re-imagine cruise travel.

We'll let you know when you can make inaugural season bookings on Virgin Voyages. Until then, for your dose of Branson's take on the ultimate travel lifestyle, you'll have to rent his private island (hmm, likely not) or make do with Virgin's air travel experience.

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